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Our Commitment to Sustainability

O’Keefe Communications, LLC, is committed to proactive sustainability. The values we work by – think creatively; produce effectively; work honestly – underscore everything we do, including our impact on the environment.


Our live event sets comprise re-usable elements including drape, truss, rigging, stages, flooring, LED lighting and lecterns. To consolidate shipments and reduce transportation costs and emissions, we design and produce using local resources and energy-efficient technology. We devise novel ways to repurpose materials, continually striving to reduce waste and minimize our footprint.

At home in Bethesda, our offices utilize natural light and energy star compliant appliances. Our building is LEED certified based on 7 green activities that achieved outcomes of water use reduction, sustainable site selection and development, responsible materials selection and waste management, enhanced indoor environmental quality, and energy efficient operations.

Sustainability is embedded in every step of our production process. O’Keefe Communications, LLC operates responsibly and acts with intention to preserve and improve our community.