Rhythm and Blues
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Rhythm and Blues

ELFA 2020 Promo

Rhythm and Blues

While it’s not possible to film on-site these days, we produced a promo video for a client’s future conference using almost exclusively pre-existing elements. We incorporated b-roll provided by the city of Austin, where their event will be held, and clips from previous years.

We riffed on their guitar-themed branding to develop animated graphics that achieved the look and feel our client had in mind. Our team of artists and editors produced a short, high-energy video that helped them convey their message and remind their members of the strong community to which they belong.  

Their response: “This is so awesome! I love the energy and in light of all the current stress, it’s so refreshing to see people together and smiling. Can’t help but think/wish/hope that once the social distancing is lifted our members will be dying to get out and come to this awesome event.”

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Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 10.48.17 AM
ELFA 2020 Promo_cut 7 Copy 01.00_02_24_27.Still012
ELFA 2020 Promo_cut 7 Copy 01.00_00_08_19.Still011