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Cast of Characters

Meet the O’Keefe Team.

OKC Est. 1992

Tim is our all-around production Superhero. He built OKC’s event production capabilities and oversees all project development. With over 30 years of experience in the communications business, Tim’s a savvy, creative leader in the industry. He has orchestrated over 400 events for O’Keefe Communications, bringing excellence in audio-visual production, technical direction and event management to everything he touches.

Tim Zanker


OKC Est. 1990

Roseanne is our presentations whisperer. She often produces events with up to 30 speakers, coordinating dozens of PowerPoint presentations from their initial creation through revisions to the final product. OKC has benefited from 28 years of Roseanne’s expertise, and her desk is a testament to her monumental tenure. Among paper samples, Japanese candies, miniature novelties, collectibles and a Derek Jeter shrine, you’ll find Roseanne crafting masterful presentations by the light of her lava lamp.

Roseanne Kay

Director of Multimedia

OKC Est. 1994

Midge thinks twenty steps ahead and in twenty different directions at once. She supervises the creative and production teams that develop show content, and collaborates with clients to make their vision a reality. An Emmy-Award winner, Midge serves as Executive Producer on our large-scale events with more than 20 years of experience in live events and media production. She lives in West Virginia, where she’s a town council member and occasionally snowed in.

Midge Flinn Yost

Creative Director

OKC Est. 2003

Videos produced under Tina’s direction have been known to steal hearts and win minds. Her power to tell stories on screen and create connections across vast audiences has helped bring O’Keefe national recognition. As Director of Video Production, Tina oversees a full-time staff, and directs crews on-location around the world; her work has received Platinum and Gold Auroras, Bronze Telly Awards, and two CINE Golden Eagles.

Tina Hoffmann

Director of Video Production

OKC Est. 2015
Brittney moves at the speed of light. In one year, she produced over 20 multi-day conferences, special events, and award galas. Her background in live theater and years of experience in entertainment production make her an invaluable member of the OKC team. When Brittney isn’t in the office or bolting like lightening on-site, you can find her making beats on her drum kit or playing with her dog, Henry.

Brittney Lanni


OKC Est. 1996

Bobbye advises on financial decisions for O’Keefe and oversees all the day to day accounting for the company, as well as payroll, tax compliance, monthly financial reporting and establishing, enforcing and monitoring internal controls. She is also the point of contact for human resources and company provided benefits including policy compliance.Prior to joining OKC, Bobbye’s experience included work as an auditor for a major CPA firm, corporate auditing for a Fortune 500 company and other financial management positions.Bobbye is a CPA and has an MBA from St. John’s University.

Bobbye Feldman


OKC Est. 2017

Talk about the hero’s journey! Growing up in Ghana, Wilhelm had a passion for computers. He developed an interest in film, and eventually felt pulled toward the world of cinema. He made his way to Hollywood and, working on movie sets, Wilhelm learned the craft of filmmaking and honed his own camera skills. Lucky for us, he decided to head back east and join the OKC team.

Wilhelm Hesse

Associate Producer

OKC Est. 2015

Asia works magic in the animation studio, bringing ideas to life on screen. Storyteller, editor and cinematographer, Asia jumps at the opportunity to add more “wow” to OKC videos, and she is fearless in the face of new techniques and technology. But don’t sneak up on her while she’s working!

Asia Taylor

Senior Video Editor / Producer

OKC Est. 1988

Sarah is the “eye” behind OKC – she can see through walls and into the future, ensuring that every aspect of our production, from set design to video animation sequences, presents a seamless product. During her tenure at O’Keefe, Sarah has worked on thousands of graphic concepts and set designs, and leads a team of creative and technical specialists in 2D and 3D animation, multimedia and video.

Sarah Moore

Creative Partner

OKC Est. 2017

Given a mere idea, Laura creates beautiful graphics that bring brands and messages to life. A graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, Laura designs original graphic looks for OKC live events and video projects, using original compositions and vivid colors that mesmerize audiences. In her spare time, Laura enjoys reading sci-fi novels and tending her urban garden.

Laura Nishikawa

Graphic Designer

OKC Est. 2017

Rachel is a visual artist and creative writer, with the power to pick precisely the right word in a flash. As Associate Producer, she manages pre-production, drafts proposals, and is currently writing, developing and producing OKC’s new vlog series. She holds an MFA from Columbia University and a BA from Wesleyan University.

Rachel Schwerin

Associate Producer